Stellar Cast Set to Read The Fence!

We are beyond excited about our autumn Sunday Salon!

Every Salon presents a careful selection of artists and intellectuals to read a great play and dive into deep discussion, and our October 12 reading of The Fence in its Thousandth Year is no exception. You will want to be in the room with this incredibly talented and erudite group when we take on Howard Barker’s epic story of a blind boy on a quest to understand his true identity in a world of forced segregation, illegal immigration, and shifting sands of Truth:

The US-Mexico Border at Tijuana

The US-Mexico Border at Tijuana

PHOTO, a Blind Adolescent – Zachary Hewell
ALGERIA, A Duchess – Aimée Bruneau
ISTORIA, Friend to Algeria – Valerie Curtis-Newton
DOORWAY, A Suitor – Joseph Lavy
LOU, A Young Woman – Annie Paladino
KIDNEY, A Servant – Paul Budraitis
YOUTERUS, A Blind Thief – Jose Amador
CAMERA, A Blind Child – Margaretta Campagna
NARRATOR – Zhenya Lavy

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Note: RSVP required — claim your spot now!

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Unveiling Our New Logo

Akropolis Performance Lab's new logo, designed by Carmen Lau-Woo, 2014

New | Design: Carmen Lau-Woo | 2014



The past year has been filled with new beginnings. With our return to main-stage production and the expansion of our ensemble, we decided it was time to retire our 14-year-old logo.

In partnership with Carmen Lau-Woo of Lauwoo Designs (email), we honed our concept into a graphic that honors our heritage while aligning with our artistic aesthetic.

We love the results!

A final look at the logo that embodied our story and aspirations for so long:

Akropolis Performance Lab's original logo, designed by Zhenya Lavy

Can you guess what inspired the original? Hint: What’s in a name? | Design: Zhenya Lavy | 2000

Manifesto: APL’s Artistic Ethos

Akropolis Performance Lab eschews production for production’s sake. Instead, we prize the catalyst of the studio … the workroom … the room of labor: the laboratory of our name. We reject the trappings of infrastructure which force the presentation of season after season of shows, on pre-determined, tight schedules devised first and foremost to cover rents or other priorities of a non-artistic nature. We do not base our identity upon seasons of plays, summer-stock Shakespeare, genre delineations, or the like. Since our inception, we have striven to exist as an antithesis or — perhaps better — in counterpoint to such theatre-making approaches. We believe in the necessity for an alternative to the constant churn of productions, and we have deliberately situated ourselves elsewhere on the artistic spectrum. This is not a values judgment. To the contrary, we celebrate the full spectrum of approaches and honor the vitality each brings to the theatre community. But for APL, this choice is a matter of Artistic Ethos.    Continue reading…

Now Accepting New Play Submissions

Do you have a script in the works (or on the shelf) that you would like to have considered for a reading with talented actors and feedback from an open, intelligent, supportive (if sometimes motley) collection of artists, intellectuals, and lovers of the arts? APL’s New Year New Play Salon in January might be your launch pad for something BIG!

FANGS by Jim Moran | January 2014 Sunday Salon | Photo: Zhenya Lavy

Last year’s inaugural New Year New Play selection, FANGS by Jim Moran, has been picked up for full production by Eclectic Theatre this fall. We’re thrilled for Jim and pleased to have been part of his play’s development! | Photo: Zhenya Lavy

Deadline to apply: November 9.

Click here for more information and submission instructions.