Meet Doctor Glas

APL Co-Artistic Director Joseph Lavy is Dr. Glas | Photo: Joe Patrick Kane

APL Co-Artistic Director Joseph Lavy is Dr. Glas | Photo: Joe Patrick Kane

The Glas Nocturne opens today!

A breathtaking  journey. Pure, simple, uncompromising artistry.

We are so proud of this piece and hope all our friends who can will come out to see it.

All performances are offered as PWYC donation.

Request an invitation here.

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  • #WouldYouDoIt? (Invitees have been sharing their thoughts about whether it’s ever justifiable to take another human life–and under what circumstances. Would YOU do it?)
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Would You Do It?

"I wasn't planning a suicide, but a wise man should always be prepared." | Joseph Lavy is Dr. Glas | Photo: Joe Patrick Kane

“I wasn’t planning a suicide, but a wise man should always be prepared.” | Joseph Lavy is Dr. Glas | Photo: Joe Patrick Kane

Is it ever justifiable to take the life of another human being? Under what circumstances?

The Glas Nocturne asks this and other challenging questions without leading us to any easy answers.

In preparation for their attendance at APL’s latest world-premiere, we asked our audience to share their thoughts about these questions. From now through the end of the run, we will share their responses with you.

Join the conversation at #WouldYouDoIt? on Facebook or Twitter — or follow Would You Do It? on Storify.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject, too!

Meet our Sponsor: Old Ballard Liquor Co.

Old Ballard Logo
We are thrilled to announce that Old Ballard Liquor Co. — Ballard’s inimitable artisan nano-distillery — is sponsoring our production of The Glas Nocturne and has designed a tasty cocktail just for our show!

Old Ballard Liquor Co. pays homage to the area’s history as a Scandinavian fishing and blue collar neighborhood by focusing on forgotten and neglected traditional old-fashioned liquors and liqueurs. Their  products rotate and change with the seasons, so there’s always something new to try in our tasting room. If the door is open, you’re always welcome! And they offer discounts for maritime workers and Scandinavian language speakers.

Currently on the shelf are multiple flavors of Aquavit (a caraway- or dill-spiced spirit produced in Scandinavia since the 15th century) and Bounce (an aged sour fruit liqueur based on 200-year-old heritage recipes), as well as many other options. Co-Artistic Director Joseph Lavy was overheard declaring that the distillery’s classic, Norwegian-styled Riktig Caraway Aquavit is his new favorite drink and tastes like rye bread in a glass.

“The Norwegian Blonde” — designed especially for The Glas Nocturne – features the  Riktig Caraway Aquavit, accompanied by a sweet lemon syrup and dill. Everyone who donates $30 or more to see The Glas Nocturne will get to enjoy a post-show drink on us!

Don’t forget to like Old Ballard Liquor Co. on Facebook, or stop by the Ballard distillery in person, and thank them for supporting live theatre!

And word on the street is that at this very moment they are harvesting spruce tips for this year’s Spruce Top Aquavit… which sounds like something to keep an eye out for!

Now Accepting Glas Invitation Requests

“Perhaps I should come and see you one of these days, Dr. Glas.”

~ The Reverend Gregorius


Requests for invitations to The Glas Nocturne are now being accepted!

Deadline to request an invitation is May 27, but that leaves you precious few options if we decide not to extend into June. Act early and be one of the first to meet this Dr. Glas in his world-premiere appearance. Opening May 15.

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