Get Ready for GiveBIG!

We are so excited to participate in Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG event on May 3, and we hope you are, too! Seattle’s GiveBIG is the most successful in the country. It is thrilling to see the impact we can make in just one day by working together.

#‎GiveBIG today through May 3, and your support for Akropolis Performance Lab will be stretched by Seattle Foundation pooled funds. And as an additional bonus, the first $1,000 in contributions to Akropolis will be matched 100%! – Please help us meet this goal.

As you know, we primarily produce our work in non-conventional or found spaces. We believe this increases authenticity and enriches audience experience. It also requires us to be fully self-sufficient, mobile, flexible, and nimble — for many productions we must set up and strike our set and tech every night! To fulfill our production plans for the next two years while continuing our commitment to this mobility, we must acquire some new equipment.

Money raised during GiveBIG will fund as many of these items as possible:

  • Risers for 2nd-row audience seating
  • Lighting fixtures (light board and 6 instruments with safety cables, barn doors, gel frames, gels)
  • Rigging for lights
  • Pipe & Drape
  • Road cases to transport and protect our equipment

And you don’t have to wait to make a pledge and risk missing the BIG day. You can schedule your donation today, and Seattle Foundation will process it automatically on May 3! To pre-schedule your gift, visit our GiveBIG profile page HERE.

We hope you will make a donation to APL’s GiveBIG campaign and see your dollars stretched through the power of community.

Thank you, as always, for your friendship and support of our work!

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Theatre Journal publishes Glas Nocturne Review

Theatre Journal TGN ScreenshotWe are so proud to share this performance review of The Glas Nocturne, which is published in the current issue (68.1) of Theatre Journal!

Thank you to Jeanmarie Higgins and ‪#‎theatrejournal‬ for venturing out to our corner of the country and giving APL’s work critical consideration as part of the international theatre conversation.

From the author: “What started as a quick trip to Seattle to see some friends and some theatre turned into a Theatre Journal performance review of Joseph and Zhenya Lavy’s The Glas Nocturne. I love writing about Akropolis Performance Lab; the work is always virtuosic, irrefutable, and strangely joyful.”


An Actor’s Early Thoughts on Ecce Faustus

"But you others, what do I see? You are all sitting there with lusting eyes: you free souls, where is your freedom gone?" | Tyler Polumsky as The Bad Angel | Ecce Faustus (2016) | Photo: Mark Jared Zufelt, Aether Images

“You are all sitting there with lusting eyes: you free souls, where is your freedom gone?” | Tyler Polumsky as The Bad Angel | Ecce Faustus (2016) | Photo: Mark Jared Zufelt, Aether Images

This message was written to Joseph and Zhenya early in the rehearsal process for Ecce Faustus. As APL prepares to remount the piece for video and a special one-night-only showing for audience, it seemed like a good opportunity to share these thoughts.

I am a bit sleepless. Working on text, and stepping through sequences in my mind.

So, I am writing to tell you how genuinely enamored I am with our work.

Ecce Faustus cuts deep. It is a complicated text; based on tried and true classical literature, neither profane nor vulgar in content–though the message is one that strikes straight to the bone of the profanity and vulgarity of the human condition in our time (perhaps throughout all of time).

Sitting and listening/reading the text, observing the shapes of the action, I begin to see what amount of devastating efficacy we can bring to this story.

I know we have a long way to go before these themes begin to sound out and resonate with the intended genuine depth, but I have no doubts that this group of artists will get there.

As I lay my head to sleep, I am grateful for the opportunity to endeavor with you all on something of this calibre and in which I can find a great worldly meaning and value. Faust is a story to be told, again and again, now more than ever.

Indeed we are all Faust: selfish, self absorbed, and self centered. It would almost be a cruel joke were it not disappointingly true….

I have always believed the theatre to be a spiritual endeavor first and foremost. I am glad to not be alone in this and overjoyed at an opportunity to convey a deeply meaningful story to anyone that would hear it–and with a group of artists who are not afraid to delve so deeply for the sake of spiritual wealth.

Thank you,

1-night only! See Ecce Faustus April 4

The Invocation of Mephistopheles | Ecce Faustus (2016) | Photo: Mark Jared Zufelt, Aether Images

The Invocation of Mephistopheles | Ecce Faustus (2016) | Photo: Mark Jared Zufelt, Aether Images

Dear Friends,

If you missed the February premiere of Ecce Faustus or just want to see it again, you are in luck: We are remounting it to shoot video and are inviting friends to enjoy a free showing — one night only — on April 4. That’s next Monday, and this is short notice, but we hope you can join us!

Seating is capped at 50 and first-come, first-served, so  reserve yours here now!

While this event is free to attend, there are expenses associated with this remount that we would appreciate your support in helping cover. Please consider making a donation to APL as you are able.

~ The APL Ensemble