Pomegranate & Ash: An Experiment in Theatre of Polyphony

Pomegranate & Ash: An Experiment in Theatre of PolyphonyPomegranate & Ash takes TS Eliot’s Ash Wednesday, Monteverdi madrigals, the Hymn of Demeter, music from the Shaker tradition, and each performer’s personal biography as source material for an original performance rooted in themes of separation, loss, and reunification.

Pomegranate & Ash continues to evolve, bridging the primary domains of APL’s artistic work: public performance and ensemble training. Watch for additional showing announcements through Spring and Summer 2015.


  • COMPANY MEMBERS: Annie Paladino, Joseph Lavy, Margaretta Campagna, Sara Kaus, Trevor Young Marston, and Zhenya Lavy.
  • APPRENTICES: Catherine Lavy, Emily Jo Testa, Henry James Walker, and Linnea Ingalls.
  • STAGE MANAGER: Joe Patrick Kane


Theatre of Polyphony is a performance genre devised by Akropolis Performance Lab, resulting from APL’s process of weaving together simultaneous lines of independent performance — a cappella multi-phonic song, movement, dance, physical action and spoken text — into a rich, multi-faceted performance event. We not only search for the precise, dynamic use of poetry, song, movement, dance, and action but cultivate the Song of Movement, the Dance of Voice. The Poetry of Image, The Action of Psyche/Spirit. More than a simple layering of each element to create a unified structure, Theatre of Polyphony is the manifestation of each element embedded within the others.

The Sad Days that are Surely to Come

"This is the time of tension between dying and birth -- the place of solitude where three dreams cross." | Henry James Walker, Trevor Young Marston, and Zhenya Lavy | Photo: Joe Patrick Kane

Dance of Separation

Dance of Separation | Front: Sara Kaus and Annie Paladino. Back: Linnea Ingalls, Margaretta Campagna, Zhenya Lavy. | Photo: Joe Patrick Kane

Dance of Seduction

Dance of Seduction "Oh, ho, I will have it. I will bow and bend to get it." | Trevor Young Marston and Sara Kaus | Photo: Joe Patrick Kane

The Abduction of Persephone

The Abduction of Persephone | Annie Paladino with Zhenya Lavy, Catherine Lavy, Margaretta Campagna, Linnea Ingalls, Emily Jo Testa. | Photo: Joe Patrick Kane

Clairvoyant Action

Clairvoyant Action | Emily Jo Testa with Henry James Walker, Joseph Lavy, Sara Kaus | Photo: Joe Patrick Kane

An Angel Hath Troubled the Water

An Angel Hath Troubled the Water | Trevor Young Marston with Catherine Lavy, Annie Paladino, Margaretta Campagna, Emily Jo Testa | Photo: Joe Patrick Kane

An Angel Hath Troubled the Water

An Angel Hath Troubled the Water "These waters will heal you, they will set you free." | Linnea Ingalls & Trevor Young Marston | Photo: Joe Patrick Kane

Low, Low

"And the sword I will wield, and the sword I will wield... for this is my work while here below." | (L-R) Back: Joseph Lavy, Trevor Young Marston, Henry James Walker. 3rd Row: Annie Paladino, Emily Jo Testa, Sara Kaus. 2nd row: Margaretta Campagna, Linnea Ingalls. Front: Zhenya Lavy, Catherine Lavy. | Photo: Joe Patrick Kane



(On the Boards Open Studio | February 8, 2015 | 3:30 PM | Packed House!)

  • “The ensemble was so tight. Precise and tuned into each other.”
  • “The music was amazing!”
  • “Their dance [Sara Kaus and Trevor Young Marston] was really powerful!”
  • “The girl’s [Catherine Lavy] song made me cry!”
  • “It’s hard to believe you’ve only been working together as an ensemble for 3 months!”
  • “Very moving. Even though there was no story, the imagery and the way you layered everything together was striking.”
  • “It was refreshing to see a performance that was truly interdisciplinary!”

Were you there? We’d love to add your feedback to the list!

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